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Whether you’re selling your business or are in need of liquidating unused equipment, Surplus First can assist in creating the most cost-effective method for doing so. We have decades of experience in liquidating industrial and commercial assets.

Why Surplus First?

SURPLUS FIRST can assist in the sale of your entire business or in specific asset recovery, whether it be industrial, commercial, manufacturing, utility, demolition, oil & gas, processing or mass transit! Call us for a FREE evaluation. Our liquidation experts will work with you in order to determine the most profitable means of liquidation.

1. Auction

Surplus First’s subsidiary, Duncan’s Auctions, can liquidate your equipment!

2. Broker

Let Surplus First broker your equipment to our vast list of prospective buyers.

3. Purchase

Sell your business or equipment direct to Surplus First!

How You Benefit

Surplus First has been liquidating equipment from facilities for over 40 years!

Means of Liquidation

Surplus First services every industry that is seeking partial or full asset recovery. Whether you have one piece of equipment or an entire facility, Surplus First can liquidate your surplus equipment!

Industries Served

Whether you have a small business or large business and are selling the entire business or just liquidating portions in order to accumulate funds, Surplus First can help!

New or Used

Whether you have new or used equipment and regardless of the reason for liquidation, Surplus First can accommodate your every need!

Surplus First Archived Projects


PITTSBURGH STEEL: During the 1980’s, the Pittsburgh and American steel market was closing down and in financial ruin, due to Chinese competition. Surplus First was there assisting and saving millions of dollars in electrical & mechanical liquidations for several steel organizations!

IMG_4145 copy

NASA: During the 1960’s and early 70’s NASA used 2 ships called the Vanguards to track the Apollo missions in the northern and southern hemispheres. When the ships were retired and dismantled, Surplus First was instrumental in recovering a substantial amount of funds on the internal electrical and marine equipment!

fess copy 2

UTILITY RECLAMATION: When utilities throughout the country end up with excess installed new equipment and used apparatus that has been removed from service and substations, Surplus First is there assisting in millions of dollars of recovery of unwanted, unneeded and removed equipment!


NUCLEAR FACILITIES: When nuclear facilities remove electrical and mechanical equipment or have demolition projects, Surplus First has been instrumental is assisting them in the liquidation of all their material!

industry-4688725_1920 copy

OFFSHORE RECLAMATION: When rigs off the coast of the Netherlands and the American Gulf Coast were upgrading electrical equipment, Surplus First assisted in reclaiming lots of funds on the old and obsolete removed equipment!

new-orleans-81671 copy

HURRICANE KATRINA: After New Orleans was devastated, Surplus First was immediately on the scene assisting with the reclamation of damaged equipment for financially damaged utility companies!

factory-19670_1920 copy

POWER PLANTS: As many of our utility’s power plants become obsolete, old equipment must be scrapped or sold. Surplus First has been instrumental in the reclamation of indoor and outdoor power plant equipment!


CALIFORNIA WIND FARMS: When Wind Farm’s in the Palm Springs area needed an electrical upgrade, Surplus First was instrumental in marketing and reclaiming a substantial amount of funds from their old and removed equipment!

ScaNovatech20090212200_0001 copy

ELECTRCAL RECLAMATION: Many end users and electrical contractors remove old circuit breakers, transformers and controls daily. Surplus First are experts in electrical asset recovery and reclamation!


HOWARD HUGHES: Many years after Howard Hughes died, his office and headquarters in Houston was demolished. Surplus First was instrumental in the liquidation of all the facility’s assets, from safes to doors to electrical  and HVAC equipment!

refinery-109025_1920 copy

REFINERIES: When refineries are in need of updating their industrial switchgear and controls, the loss of money from removed equipment can add up to seven digits. Surplus First has assisted refineries nationwide in reclaiming funds from removed equipment!

ScaNovatech20080717290_0001 copy

PROCESS & CHEMICAL PLANTS: Plants nationwide are continually upgrading equipment from electrical, valves, motors, etc… Surplus First has been instrumental in assisting the plants in reclaiming millions on removed old and obsolete equipment!